2012 | BBC 4 | TIMESHIFT STRAND | THE SMOKING YEARS 60 minutes documentary

Find below an extract of The Smoking Years. This dramatic reconstruction unveils the mystery behind Lenox Johnson, a Glaswegian GP many years ahead of his time.

Another extract from the Smoking Years. After falling in love young Cecilia starts a revolution which will change the way we live – or breath.

The Smoking Years is the story of the creature that is ‘the smoker’. How did this species arrive on our shores? Why did it become so sexy – and so dominant in our lives? Was there really a time when everywhere people could be found shrouded in a thick blue cloud?

Enlisting the help of Barry Cryer, Stuart Maconie, and others, The Smoking Years tells the unnatural history of a quite remarkable – and now threatened – creature. Warning: smoke-filled nostalgia may damage your health.

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Production co.: BBC

“Borja has worked in several major productions for Boomerang including the Sony Ericsson World B Boy Series for international distribution. He always delivers and is a great asset to a team.”
Dylan Wyn Davis - Creative Director at Boom Cymru
“Is a turn on!"
IMDb reviewing "The Smoking Years" - BBC
"Borja has a real, intuitive talent for film making; combining a strong sense of story telling, with a great feeling for rhythm, pace and atmosphere. He seeks out great stories and really understands how to explore them on film.” 
Mark Whatmore - Exec and Owner Yoho Media
"Very emotional video. Almost cried like 10 times"
Nicolas Abreo - Commenting on GT Academy - 2017 Dubai 24 Hour Special

Culture Clash on the Front Line unveils the thrilling story of how a local Bristol community ended up being instrumental in laying down the foundations for our modern multiethnic society, as it has been turbulent and painful. In Culture Clash on the Front Line subsequent generations of Jamaican descendants go through a process of reconciliation with their past on which to build a positive future for themselves and the proud, colourful anomaly that is St Paul’s. “Culture Clash on the Front Line” is a unique window through which history and culture, heroes and villains come together in a revealing and touchingly enriching film.

In 2013 the BBC handpicked the best films made in Bristol ever. Culture Clash on the Front Line was one of them.

The film is already regarded as an iconic underground piece for the Jamaican diaspora.

This is the story of how Johnny Guindi, a Playstation Gamer, became a racing driver. Through the qualification series in Mexico, to the international finals in Silverstone and the 24 hours of Dubai. A thrilling documentary with universal appeal.

Production co.: Grand Central.

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2017 - 2018 | McLaren | WORLD'S FASTEST GAMER Feature length documentary

The World’s Fastest Gamer feature-length documentary will be premiered in 2018.

McLaren’s WFG portal

Production co.: Grand Central.

2009 | HAND MADE LOVE 90 minutes docudrama

Handmade Love is the story of Sulin, a Somalian boy living in the UK. When he discovers that his first girlfriend is in danger of being sacrificed in a black magic ritual he is forced to take unprecedented action.