Eleven motor racing gamers from around the globe battle it out over an intense week of increasingly difficult challenges to win a life-changing prize: a place in the McLaren F1 team as an official simulator driver.

World’s Fastest Gamer has introduced McLaren to e-sports. It has also shown that an original idea can create a genuine competitive advantage, even in a highly competitive sport such as F1.

From short films to hours of live streaming, World’s Fastest Gamer has redefined how e-sports are broadcast to fans. The competition has already seen over 10 million views and unprecedented levels of engagement, and that is before the release of the final series.

World’s Fastest Gamer is to be released in 2018.


Announcing World’s Fastest Gamer a competition that comes with the greatest job in esports – a role with McLaren as one of our official simulator drivers. With World’s Fastest Gamer McLaren becomes the first F1 team to enter the esports arena.

Production co.: Grand Central.